Future Educators

posted Dec 20, 2017, 7:52 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    The Future Educators of America (FEA) program at Pocomoke High school has found their calling in the community. A group of students have come together to help younger students in their community. 

    FEA travels to Pocomoke Elementary on the last Friday of every month to assist the teachers at the elementary school with their classes. Students help grade papers, read to students, play in stations, and observe the teachers’ lectures.

    The group has about 12 students who participate in the program. “I think the students benefit because I often have them ask me what I do in high school.” said Junior, Maura Dean. Being older can usually inspire younger students and it gives them the urge to be like high school students when they get older. Self respect and reputations are very important in high school.

    Each student has a placement with a different teacher. With these placements, each student has the opportunity to learn the structure of the teacher with the grade of their interest. “I love learning how different teachers handle situations and how they teach children to solve different problems,” said Dean.

    However, the program would not be possible without the help from their advisor, Mrs. Julie McAllister. She has been involved with the program for years and she has watched her students be an inspiration to younger students. “I’ve been involved with the program for about 5 years.” said McAllister.

    Present educators love to see students who have an interest in education. It gives them hope because as everyone knows, kids are the future. “Absolutely. Teaching is such an honorable profession and I love to see students pursue this field.” said McAllister.

    Although there are students that join the program and decide to change their major, there are some that stick it out and see what the future has in store. “It’s so gratifying to know students that have been active actually move on and become teachers. It’s more exciting when they become teachers in Worcester County.” said McAllister.

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