Graduation Quickly Approaching and Real Life Following

posted Feb 23, 2018, 7:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Cristen Quillen

    For most of the seniors at Pocomoke High School, there last year of high school has quickly passed by and the four years that they couldn’t wait for to be over but now that it has come don't want to be over is almost here. Everyone has different feelings on situations, some people may be nervous and excited about a situation while someone else is extremely excited and not anxious at all about the same situation.

    A senior from Pocomoke High School named Mckenzie Mitchell said, “I am personally not ready for graduation at all, I do not like change, I’m use to all my friends and teachers I have gotten close with during my four years at Pocomoke.”

    “I am more than ready to graduate because in college my classes will be spread throughout the day, I won’t always have to wake up super early like I do now for school,” stated another senior from Pocomoke High School named Diamonique Taylor. I am also very excited for a new beginning and a fresh start, I’m excited to get a start on my future and career that will soon be the rest of my life,” said Taylor.

    Of course with graduation comes more than just a diploma and a great achievement of hard work, responsibility as well as a sense of independence and adulthood have to all kick in.

    “In college i will have to take more responsibility than I ever had to during high school, professors will not remind me that I have a paper due the next day, I will have to stay on top of things and remember when assignments are due and if i have completed them yet or not,” stated a Pocomoke senior Alexis Cullen.

    Another senior Brayden Hurley said, “College is going to consist of a lot of hard work, there is no option of not getting descent grades because everything counts and my future is going to depend on how well I do the next four years.”  

    Graduation can be both a scary and exciting time for seniors becoming young adults, but with hard work and a little bit of responsibility and growing up, all the seniors of Pocomoke High School will have a blast and enjoy the next step in their lives.


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