Hardest Things To Do Mentally

posted Jan 25, 2018, 8:33 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   Your mind is a powerful thing but it isn't the most perfect thing in the world. People make many mistakes and can’t do things because they aren’t mentally strong or
 capable enough.
   Mental illness is worse than being physically ill, your mind controls everything, your vision, your smell, your hearing. Your imagination can play with you sometimes
 and that’s just like being tortured.
   There are many things that humans can’t take mentally or is very had for a human person to handle mentally. For example, men who have came back from war
 have seen things that can’t be unseen and will scar them for life. PTSD causes war veterans to commit suicide 13 times every day all over the country.
   The rated top ten hardest things to do mentally from (thetoptens.com) are: “school, accepting death, growing up, taking rejection, raising kids, work, being
depressed, losing a loved one, losing a pet, and child birth”.

   Some of the these things happen and affect people for the rest of their lives. Some of these things bring happiness after the hard mental part is over.

   Like having a child. The pain of having the child is traumatic to some but in the end you’ll be happy when you see them achieve things in life that are great.

   Some things are mentally tough just at that certain time. Like shy people talking to other people, but once the other accepts them they are comfortable with the fact
 of talking to someone.
   Why does your mind choose these different ways of thinking? Why do different people think in different ways? Some say that from past happenings of humanity and
 past things of your life determine how you think and how your mind works and what its strengths and weaknesses are.



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