Have We've Been Cooking Eggs Wrong?

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Ashleigh Dillon

    Some quick, mindless decisions can lead to disaster for that egg you are trying to cook and enjoy. Tim Cebula, senior food editor for Cooking Light, created a list on five general mistakes on cooking eggs.

    The heat is too high. The high heat can cause the eggs to dry out and cook too quickly. Medium heat or lower is the best temperature for cooking eggs, unless you prefer the edges browned and crunchy.

    The pan is the wrong pan. Nonstick pans are best for cooking scrambled eggs and fried eggs. Always make sure the pan you use is in great condition. When the nonstick-coating starts to wear down, eggs can be glued to the pan.

    There is too much salt. It’s pretty easy to over salt the eggs. They don’t take much seasoning so, less is better. Make sure you taste as you go so, the eggs don’t become inedible.

    Cracking the egg on the side of the pan. Egg shells can easily fall into the egg and cook inside the egg. Instead try cracking the egg on a flat surface. This reduces the chance of getting egg shells in the cooked egg.

    The wait time is too long. Eggs actually start to taste not as good the longer you wait to eat them. The minute they hit the plate, start to eat up.

    These tips from Tim Cebula can save our cooked eggs from being inedible and bring them to deliciousness.

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