HighSchool Feelings and Opinions

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:34 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Madison Ramos

    High school feelings and opinions are different for every high school student, there are positive opinions and there are negative opinions, but today we're here to interview  two high school students on their feelings and opinions on high school this year.

    We interviewed a student named Michaela Redden and she is currently a junior at Pocomoke High School and she was asked some questions on her feelings and opinions on high school this year.

    For Redden the only stress to her is her Introduction  To Publications class which is a class that creates the “Warrior Beat” news articles. Redden said.. “For the most part all my classes are pretty good, but i’m really bad at spelling and grammar, so it makes Warrior Beat hard for me,”. But for the most part so far school is going great for her.

    Redden stated that her biggest struggle in school is her AP Bio. class “It's a lot of on  your own work and i’m not really use to it at all,”. For some people it is a challenge to be a part of any school activities such as, playing sports and still handle school at the same time, but for Redden it’s not a problem at all.

    Redden dislikes and likes about school is that she like the ideas of your 60, and she has no dislikes about school this year so far. Finally, Redden’s opinion and feelings about high school so far …. Redden said “As a student you get use to everything, you know how it all works and it becomes easy. But for me it's easy for the most,”

    We also interviewed another high school junior named Noel Houston on her feelings and opinions on high school this year. Houston attends Pocomoke High School and she is currently a junior as well.

    In school there's a time where every student feels stress in something or some subject, but for Houston right now she feels no stress at all. Houston says…  “I feel like everything has been running smoothly for me this year so far. Also school is going good for me, I have no complaints, my grades are good, and I haven’t had any trouble this year at all,” Houston hopes this year like other students in school, that she continues to pass all of her classes.For Houston there has been no struggles in school besides for being social with others around her. Houston said…“I don’t really struggle with too much, but i’m very antisocial so I don’t really interact with many people,”

    Some likes and dislikes Houston has about school is Your 60. Houston dislikes how Your 60 makes the day longer, but she likes how the day goes by faster doing Your 60 at school now. Houston opinions and feelings about school so far is…, Houston said…“High school would be less stressful if there weren’t so many challenges such as, loads of school work with a busy schedule with participating in sports and having a job,”

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