Holding the Holidays

posted Jan 25, 2018, 7:52 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    There have been many complaints across the US with holiday breaks not being given at the right times or only being one-sided. The breaks have been shortened in many counties. Oror they are only for certain religions that can be excused from school.

    Taking a holiday break for Thanksgiving or Christmas is the norm for every school system. Although there are students who believe in other religions, they are forced to take the break that the school system assigns. This can be a problem for families who believe in another religion other than Christianity and want to go away for vacation for their holiday.

    The school system doesn’t acknowledge the fact that students whose families don’t celebrate the holidays that are given, they aren’t excused for celebrating their own. Each religion should have the freedom and time off from school to celebrate with their families.

    Maya Batson, Junior at Salisbury University, feels like there should be breaks for each religion. “All religions should be supported and recognized in our country. With the great diversity in the United States, it is imperative that all individuals receive representation.” said Batson.

    Students celebrate different religions based on their home lives. Being forced to celebrate the Christianity religions, it can very well be seen as disrespectful to other religions as well as a detriment to their First Amendment rights.

    The Board of Education in all counties need to acknowledge this issue. It is in the best interest for all students and their families. There are families of students who wish they could travel to celebrate their religion. If the holiday is celebrated in a different time frame from the initial time given for breaks, the families have to either go then or go at a different time. However, the time that isn’t given, will not be excused unless there is a note turned into the school.

    Making the holidays diverse for all religions would give the Board of Education in all areas more support from the community because each student and their family can travel and celebrate with their family without having to be excused.

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