Honors Lunch Surprise

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:08 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Brayden Hurley

    Image result for LunchHonors lunch is a good motive to get students to keep their grades up and offer a good incentive. Honors lunch happens 4 times a year and have a variety of food.

    This weeks luncheon is serving fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad and offers beverages such as coke, sprite, and water.

    “It’s very enjoyable because its good food and we get it for free” stated Senior Diamonique Taylor. Everyone who attends looks forward to lunch time and socializing with their friends.

    This semester’s luncheon is a special and different one because it is the season of Lent which brings ideas such as Catholics cannot eat meat on fridays except fish.

    Our Guidance secretary Mrs. Mary K. will be doing something extra special for our catholic students. She will be serving fish sticks instead of the fried chicken to those select students we have in diverse school. Her original idea was to serve Tuna instead of the fried chicken but later decided to switch to fish sticks.

    “I think it's good that she is appealing to the customs of the catholic religion and it means alot that she is taking the initiative to make people feel comfortable” stated Devin Thompson

    This is so meaningful to people of the catholic religion because the school cafeteria does not serve anything for our catholic students and staff on fridays. Mrs. Mary K has gone out of her way to do this for the select students and they greatly appreciate it.

    “Since i look out for others cultural and religious differences i greatly appreciate it when someone looks out for my cultural and religious differences’ stated Mr. Paul Becker. People all around the school are supporting and greatly appreciating Mrs. Mary K’s decision and willing to go out of her way to support others.

    If you see Mrs. Mary K tell her you appreciate her supporting others even though you don't even follow that religion.


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