Is iOS Really Better Than Android?

posted Jan 10, 2019, 7:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tyler Baylous

    The internet is filled with words about Android and iOS and why one is better than the other. The real way to find out which phone is better for each person is what each phone actually has that is good for you.

    The way Android and iOS are updated is very different. Google uses Play Services to handle many of the security and application compatibility parts of Android, and iOS updates don't include every feature for older models. But there is still no denying that updates are handled on iOS better than they are on Android.

    Apple's iMessage is both the best and worst messaging app to ever be created. It's a seamless process out of the box that lets you send texts or messages with rich content without installing anything. But it only works on Apple devices. Google has tried and failed at recreating this time after time. The biggest reason is that it wants a solution that works everywhere on everything, not just Android. The Hangouts app was able to do it, but the clunky interface and need to manually install it meant most people using Android weren't hanging out and Google is pushing it away from the consumer side.

    Apple collects data from everyone who uses iOS and does a good job of keeping it anonymous and in-house. Google does the same, regardless of what you might read from other places. But Android has some serious issues when it comes to security and privacy.

Updates are part of the problem. Your Pixel is probably protected against some ways the hackers try taking your data. Your BlackBerry does also. But any other model, including the ones that sell by the tens of millions and drive Android's market share, might not. Google taking good care of your data doesn't matter when hackers get your bank login because you were tricked into installing something that old software allows. With an iPhone you don't have to even think or worry about that problem.

    Honestly, if you want an easy phone to use that has great privacy and anti-hacking, iPhone just might be the phone for you. If you are a tech person and you like gaming and high speed and extra added on storage then Android is for you. It's all up to what the user wants. For some people, it is a tough decision and for some, it isn't, you decide.


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