Is It Fair To Pick Favorites In Sports?

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
 By: Jordan Croswell

    In high school, mSee the source imageany students try out for varsity sports and hope that they make the team. Tryouts can last for 4 days which gives them time to show the coaches their skills. After days of training you hope that your hard work has paid off. But it hasn’t. The veterans are automatically picked because they know more than you. Having more experience in a certain avocation can lead you ahead of others with no experience.

    The main goal for a coach is to win. Teammates who are considered the best in their coaches eye tend to experience more than others. If you put someone in who doesn’t know the fundamentals of the sport, you could lose the game. The amount of playing time a player receives should be determined on how hard and how often they train.  

    “But as a coach, I certainly have my favorites, or those that I want to make sure get a lot of playing time. I am talking about the kids on my team that are a joy to coach because they exhibit certain traits. When it comes to those characteristics, yes, I do play my favorites, “ said by James Leath on a interview on Changing The Game project.

    But there are coaches who do the right thing so that everyone has a good time. Mrs. Castaneda is the field hockey coach at Pocomoke High. She believes that,

    “If a player feels they should be in a certain position then they should train and do what it takes to become better than the person currently in that position. Character counts.”

    Working harder than your teammates can help you become better in the long run. It teaches you to fight for what you want and to never give up.



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