It’s Our Hour

posted Oct 24, 2017, 6:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Oct 24, 2017, 7:21 AM ]

By: Tatyana Waters

   The students and staff at Pocomoke High School have developed a new way of learning this school year. It’s the Your 60 year plan for the students benefit to give them an hour of their day to do what they please for school.

    The plan has been beneficial for many students around the school because they have an hour to catch up on work or get their bodie’s moving.  Vice principal, Mr. Matthew Hoffman, believes the plan is very beneficial. “It gives an opportunity for the students to complete work, participate in fun activities, and just take a break during the day,” said Hoffman.

    There are multiple activities for the students to participate in. From physical to academic to just relaxing and watching a movie. There are a few rooms that are more popular than others according to Hoffman. “Gym is one of the top places just because of the physical activity. There are also students who just like to watch a movie,” said Hoffman.

    Some teachers send out invitations to students if they feel like they could use a little more assistance with their work. After some students consistently received invites for Your 60, they began to take the initiative to go on their own. “As the year goes on, more students are seeking help in their academic areas,” said Hoffman.

    For seniors, this is a rough time in the school year for some. Applying to multiple colleges, filling out scholarships, and setting up college visits. They have an hour to get some of these tasks completed.

Guidance counselors could assist them with their work. “Yes, but not just guidance. ELA teachers can also help with the essay portion of the application process,” said Hoffman.

    The plan has helped many students so far and they haven’t even reached the halfway mark of the school year. “We hope to continue with Your 60 and hopefully make it a tradition for middle school students to look forward to when they arrive for their freshman year, “ said Hoffman.

    The Your 60 plan has made an impact on the Pocomoke High students and staff. With hopes high, the program will continue to be a benefit to all students.

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