Keeping Up With School & Playing Sports

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noel Houston

    Many students find balancing school and sports as a struggle when it comes to keeping up with certain classes. Some students may miss classes due to sports, which means they could be missing tests, or class assignments. Although, there are students who find their way around this issue, and find time to come after school or even before school to complete any missed work. Even with Your60 students are able to visit their teacher(s) also.

    “Keeping up with sports and my classes were really hard because if my grades weren’t right, then I couldn’t play the sport. Not playing with the team and not being there affects me and the players,” said September Morris.

   Some students play sports every year, even with major classes and are still able to maintain good grades. While some others may struggle, because they either are too lazy to do any make up work, and homework or found themselves being too busy doing other things that they forget. Most of the time teachers will allow students to come in for any help needed, but at the end of the day it’s still the student's responsibility to do what they have to do to keep up with both, their classes and sports.

    “There is always gonna be a teacher who is willing to help you more understand what you’re doing. It’s always your choice so if you still really wanna play, doing your homework, studying, being in class and playing attention really helps. Handling both is kinda like a hustle, no matter how good you are at the sport you must be willing to put the effort into what’s helping or letting you play,” Morris said.

    Students mostly miss classes on game days, and may miss a class or two. Teachers will allow students it to come in ahead of time to collect any work they’ll be missing and if needed, explain to the them what the assignment is about.

    “It all really depends on game days. I tend and tended to miss 2 or 3 classes, but I always get help before we leave and all my work,” Morris said. “I always make sure that I have what I need and when I get home I plan ahead and make time to study for each class,” she said.

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