Leaking Lessons

posted Jan 25, 2018, 7:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Leaking Lessons

By: Tatyana Waters

    There are many teachers around the world who strongly dislike having their voices recorded when they are giving a lecture. Senior, Avion Gale, feels that recordings should be allowed because it’s easier to take a good set of notes.

    Recording people without their consent is illegal and could cause a lot of problems if the law were to get involved. However, getting permission from a teacher to record their lecture could be very beneficial. “It’s a good way to study and if you miss days because of an emergency, you can always ask a friend for the recording.” said Gale. Although getting the consent of a teacher can be tough, there are some teachers who are willing to allow you to record them so your notes will be beneficial to you.

    There are a lot of teachers who are so experienced with their lessons that they don’t realize some of their students aren’t comprehending their lesson. It can also be hard to interpret what the teachers are saying if it’s a full class or if a student sits in the back. “Sometimes as students, you can misinterpret what the teacher is saying and things get mixed together.” said Gale. Misinterpretations are one of the main reasons why kids don’t do well with taking notes because they didn’t understand what the teacher said.

    Recording the teacher can be very beneficial because it can really help the students out. Being able to take good, detailed notes can only come from a teacher who takes their time giving a lecture or being able to use a recording and taking better notes on your own time so the pace of the lecture can be changed. “If I could record my teachers voice and listen to it on my own time, it would be like my teacher was guiding me through the lesson.” said Gale.

    “At times teachers go way too fast and it’s hard for me to catch up. If I could record and break down what the teacher was saying, I could listen to it on my own time and catch up on what I missed. “ said Gale.

    The issue may be teachers not trusting their students and thinking their lessons may go further than their student's possession. A leaked lesson could leave an uneasy educator.

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