Learning Sign Language in Your 60

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:21 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Alexis Cullen

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    Pocomoke High School offers a free 60 minute period of each day between third and fourth block. During this time the students are eligible to go participate in different activities, clubs or get tutoring help for a class.

    A group of students from Cedar Chapel come in and join Pocomoke High School and get to intertwine and work with the students from here. All of the students are able to eat lunch with each other every day and

    On Wednesdays, during the second session of Your 60, there is a sign language club in Mrs. Ott’s classroom. There is a girl named Aymonee, she is partially deaf and she uses sign language to speak with everyone in the school.

    Creating this club allowed for a new opportunity to learn how to use sign language and to communicate with Aymonee. Talking with her by using sign language really brightens her day and gives her something exciting to look forward to when coming to Pocomoke High School.

    Pocomoke High School senior, Natalie Crisafulli said, “I think the sign language club during Your 60 is really great. It is a good way to learn something new and it is an especially good skill to have certain knowledge about, it also means a lot to all of us to work and communicate with some of the students from Cedar Chapel.”

    Working with these children in many ways can boost their self confidence and it creates a happiness for them.

    According to Wfdeaf.org, there are about 70 million people in the world who use sign language as their first language.

    Sign language is an extremely common language and having a club like this one at Pocomoke High School allows the students to begin to learn something new and take part in brightening someone’s day.

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