Leaving Campus for Lunch

posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:20 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Marcdalinda Lochard

    This year at pocomoke high school, there is this new thing called your 60. Which student have about an hour for lunch everyday and they can choose to stay at lunch and eat for both period or go to any classroom that have different activities for them to do. It was a little confusing at first, but now people are getting it.

    Having breaks between classes is great and all but wouldn't having lunch off campus be even better? A Lot of kids don't eat school lunches, this would give them an opportunity to choose what they want. “ school lunch is not all that, so if we can leave during lunch that would be great”, said Cameron Watson, a senior at pocomoke high. In order to have off campus lunch, student should have 2hour lunch, with parents permission to leave and must drive to school in order to leave campus. Also for kids that can't leave campus, they would have a regular lunch,or school’s can sell food to make money. According to New York Times, some parents actually like the idea, and others think that some are not that responsible.

    There are also some problems that can happened during off campus lunch. Some kids will leave for lunch and not even bother to come back, “sometimes i would want to come back to school”, stated watson. If this happens students should be punished. That isn't the only problem, there might  even be some car accidents.

    “Leaving campus during lunch, means freedom” said Watson. Even though there are some negative things about leaving campus during lunch but this would allow students to have free times and also get a good lunch.

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