posted Oct 19, 2017, 6:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat


By:Michaela Redden

    Last Friday Mid-Terms were giving out to show both kids and parents how the school year is going so far. Also letting both students and parents know what classes they need to work on more and which ones they are doing good in. For some people they take Midterms very serious and others not so much.

    Junior Nicki Vickers, states that her mom takes Midterms very serious especially if it's anything lower than a C. Luckily for Vickers so far she has a B+ averages considering she takes all AP class here at school. “ I wasn’t expecting the grades i got, i thought I was doing a lot worse since my classes are very very very challenging” Vickers stated.

    Senior Anondy Hardy also was very shocked when she got her Midterm last friday. “ I have a A and B average so far”, I don't like the B’s though I have to bring them up”. Like Vickers mom Hardy’s parents take Midterms serious as well. Considering this is Hardy last year in High school grades have become even more important to her as it will help her get into college.

    However, unlike Vickers and Hardy Junior Angela Sigua parents don't take Midterms serious as it just shows how she is doing so far and what she needs to improve on before report cards come out. “ I had mostly A’s on the midterm which i was expecting since i check powerschool a lot so I already know what I had”. “I still want to improve my grades some in my classes as I don't do that well on test I plan on studying more.

    Weather you have parents like Vickers and Hardy or like Sigua, Midterms in the end are given out to in the middle of the term to so how the progress of students before report cards come out, giving them a chance to bring up their grades.

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