Peyton Manning Selling his Franchise and Shares

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:13 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

   Image result for peyton manning selling his shares fox Just recently Peyton Manning sold his 31 franchises in the Denver Colorado area. “Peyton Manning sold his businesses two days before the NFL dropped the pizza chain as its official pizza sponsor” said by Denver Post.com.

    According to Denver Post.com Peter Collins who is a Papa John's spokesman said “ In an email it said the former Bronco had sold his stake, which was a joint venture with Papa John's international after all the years being a partner”. Manning who owned all 31 in denver was making a lot of money off of all of them at least over a million dollars between all 31 and think about every person that buys a pizza it's a lot of money coming.

    “Peyton Manning still remains the Papa John’s spokesperson and also the brand ambassador as a part of his long term agreement with the brand for manning to make money off of what is made”. Said by Fox news.com. Peyton manning made an estimated 12 million from endorsements last year and then makes a total of 15 million a year from endorsements. His off field earnings in all is about 150 million dollars a year.

    With Peyton manning being on Papa John's commercials and being apart of the brand boosted the popularity of Papa John's pizza not only was it on NFL gameday commercials but Peyton Manning was in the brand also. He made up to 400 million dollars in all endorsements but his papa john’s endorsement was the biggest of all that he had. He sold the businesses because of a split between the NFL and Papa John’s. The CEO of papa johns blamed the NFL national anthem protests as to why the business started to fail with the NFL.


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