Pocomoke Should Have Open Lunch For Seniors

posted Jan 11, 2019, 7:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Jan 11, 2019, 7:38 AM ]

By: Jenny Tran

Many students believe that once they walk onto school campus, they lose many of their freedoms. Once the eight o’clock bell rings, students are stuck on the school’s campus for roughly eight hours. Aside from a one hour lunch break, students are cooped up in classrooms unable to have any sort of freedom. Implementing open campus lunch for seniors at Pocomoke High School would give students the opportunity to gain some freedom before they are set off into the “real world.”

Open campus lunches aren’t something that is uncommon. Many school districts across the nation have implemented open campus lunches for their upperclassman students. One perk of having open campus lunches is that it gives students a mental break. During the lunch period, students are able to go out and eat some place quiet and peaceful, like a park or on the docks. Students can even go home for a quick power nap, so that they can re-energize for the second half of the school day. Noah Speta agrees that Pocomoke High should implement open campus lunch, and says that “with your60, it gives us an hour to goto local restaurants to help boost the local economy.”

One big concern about open campus lunches is that students could run into some trouble while they are out and about, and some students may even skip the rest of the school day if given the chance to leave campus for lunch. Currently with closed campus lunch, the school knows where students are in the event of an emergency. The opportunity to skip class is also a lingering concern, but Donna Jones, principal of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High, believes that “students who choose to skip class would likely make that choice regardless of whether we had open lunch.”

The choice to implement open campus lunches can teach students both the responsibility of time management and budgeting. If open campus lunch is only given to seniors, it can teach them the skill of time management, which is useful no matter what path of life they choose to take after graduation. Budgeting is also a skill that is important no matter what students decide to do in life. If students are allowed to leave for lunch, they will soon realize that eating an $8 meal everyday is very impractical. Gabe Nock believes that “allowing students to go off campus could teach time management because we would have to be back at a certain time or else there would be consequences.”

Open campus lunch may seem like a risky idea, but it could definitely benefit the Pocomoke community. Open campus lunch has the opportunity to help teach important life lessons to students, along with being an incentive to seniors who are deserving of it.

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