Rudy Here to Stay?

posted Oct 19, 2017, 6:31 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Michaela Redden

    Last school year we were able to get a therapy dog, Everyone for the most seem to like him and he was walked around school but how do students and staff actually feel about Rudy being here. He was in the news as the new big thing that has happened here at our school. But is  it all just hype or does everyone actually like Rudy being here.

    Like everyone at this school people have their own opinion on things, Jenny Tran loves having Rudy here as he brightens up everyone's day she feels and that he likes being here too. “ I feel safe with him being here, he's very well behave and don't think he would ever act out and harm someone here” said Tran when asked if she felt safe with him being here.

 “When Rudy first came to the school I was so excited to see him and get to pet him but now I’m much calmer when I see him. I just pet him and go along with my day and not spend 5 minutes petting him anymore, I got use to him being here”.

    However, she stated that the only time she really sees him is in the halls and if he comes into the classroom. “Depending on the teacher I ask there is a chance I might not be able to go see him as they wouldn't want me to leave class to do so, it also depends on when I ask too”.

    Overall Rudy being here isn't all hype and people actually enjoy him being here.” Rudy should be able to come back next school year as he does help kids who are stress and he just makes everyone happy”.

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