School Dress Code

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:21 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Madison Ramos

    Having a school dress code has many different opinions for everyone, some people agree and some people don’t, but we have interviewed a senior student at Pocomoke High School named Tatyana Waters. Waters agrees and disagrees with the school dress code we have, hav ing a dress code means to Waters having a dress code gives more respect, Waters said…. “I guess to students, because they can't come to school with certain clothing on then it's like okay well I know not to wear this cause it must not look appropriate outside of my house.”

    Waters accepts and doesn’t accept the dress code we have at school, Waters said…. “Yes and no, because I feel like there's certain clothes we aren’t allowed to wear that we could wear and make look decent and instead of just not be able to wear its at all.”  There are some things Waters doesn’t agree with the dress code rules which are, Waters said… “I don’t agree with not being able to wear leggings, because there are certain shirts that cover the parts the that principle doesn’t want out and that we can make it look appropriate.”

    Having a dress code makes Waters feel tied down, Waters said…. “Because I can only wear like jeans and a certain shirt to school, I can't wear like certain dresses, like cute things that I get and buy that I can't wear to school.”  There are some things Waters would change about the dress code, Like being able to wear leggings, baggy shirts, big sweaters, Waters said…. “Um if we get a cute dress and we have it covered up I feel like we should be able to wear it.” But one thing Waters agrees with is actually the length of dresses and clothing, Waters said… “The length I agree with, because they shouldn’t be too short but some lengths aren't that bad if you have it covered up.”

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