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posted Oct 23, 2017, 6:57 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noel Houston

     There are some schools that provide school issued devices. Students can use their school issued devices or even their own devices. Sometimes, technology can be a distraction to learning, but not in all cases. There are students who prefer to work and learn more with technology because it helps them learn quicker than they do working with books, paper, and pencil. Pocomoke High School junior Cassady Williams, feels as though this is true, but believes it can still be a distraction for certain students.

     “I believe that technology can distract students but it depends on the student and how they focus,” Williams said. “Technology makes learning more fun. It allows you to find different ways to learn something rather than the only way the teacher teaches it. Technology allows me to learn faster rather than from a book,” she said.

     As far as of students being organized, there are many who are unorganized or have trouble with being orderly and neat, school devices do allow students’ work to appear more neat, and organized, rather than all over the place. Most students do prefer to be organized, and work on their school devices because it helps them with keep track of their school work, and helps with improving their grades.

     Students who bring their own devices don’t always use their laptops or computers for school purposes and often find it complicated to keep up with their school work when so focused on social media, and this can take away focus from learning. When interviewing Williams, she provided a great idea that could get rid of this problem.

     “I think allowing kids to have time in class to check their phone every so often would help kids stay off their phones since they checked it and then they would pay more attention in class,” Williams said. “I prefer school devices because it makes your work look neater,” she said.

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