Shoe Drive at PHS

posted Mar 19, 2018, 6:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

    Pocomoke High School should have a shoe drive because some students can’t afford shoes. This would be very useful because students could donate shoes that they don’t need or don’t want anymore and bring it to the shoe drive. This would help many students who don’t have a lot. Instead of throwing away shoes that students don’t want, the administration could have the students put the shoes in the shoe drive. Students that are in need of shoes could just go to the shoe drive to pick up new shoes. Byren Motes from Pocomoke High School says, “A shoe drive would be a good idea because we could give away our shoes and give it to people who have trouble getting shoes.”

    Many students and even adults could participate in collecting shoes for the shoe drive. After participants donate shoes, the shoes could go to a bin where people who need shoes could fill out a form and then get the shoes.