Should Pocomoke Middle School Start Failing Students?

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:22 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Justin Cunha

    At Pocomoke Middle School, they do not hold back students when they have failed a class. This can be very bad for those students who don’t do work because “it doesn't count”. Students can take advantage of that system and not get in any legal trouble.

    This means students can basically do nothing in class but still excel into the next grade with their classmates. Even if they fail a class they are still not technically failing because they still go on.

    Although students can fail but not fail at the same time, parents of these students do not like the system. This gives  parents more of a reason to be strict on their child, to push them to get better grades.

    There are plenty of high school students now that didn’t take middle school serious. For example, Traver Merchant didn’t take middle school serious until 8th grade. He took Pocomoke Middle School as a joke. Part of this reason is because he has ADHD. He started taking medicine in the 8th grade to help him concentrate and get his work done. His mother saw major impact on his grades and behavior in school.

    Merchant was asked, “Did you have any trouble in 9th grade, being as you didn’t take it serious?” He replied, “Not really, if I didn’t take specifically 8th grade serious i probably would have.”

    Students that were like Merchant in middle school, should be failed when needed. Yes it can be sad, but in long term it is preparing them for the future.

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