Spirit Students

posted Dec 19, 2017, 6:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    The students at Pocomoke High school enjoy supporting their fellow classmates during sports seasons. During the fall and winter seasons, the games are five dollars to enter. Naturally, if you are a student, you would expect to have a discount to support your school. These expectations are knocked down fast at Pocomoke.

    There is a student section in the gym for all student supporters to sit and cheer on their classmates, but there is no discount for being a student. Many students feel as though they should receive a discount or even get in for free if they are representing Pocomoke. “Students who have school pride don’t go to the games because they don’t have the money for each game.” said Senior Jared Hancock.

     A large amount of the seniors attend the games because it is their last year. “If the games were free for students, there may be a better chance of students attending and showing their support in the student section. They would also benefit the team by being extra loud to hype them up during the game.” said Hancock.

    Administration has something different in mind when it comes to the students attending the games. “There was never a discount for students to attend games. There may have been 1 or 2 games where we ran a special because we felt generous.” said Principal, Dr. Annette Wallace. “The PBIS helped support the students with allowing them to only pay $3 instead of $5,” said Wallace. “I honestly feel like if students want to come to the games, they will make it a priority whether it’s $3 or $5.” said Vice Principal, Matt Hoffman.

    No matter the price, the students of Pocomoke High will always make a way to support their classmates. Although it can be challenging to make every game, some students attempt to attend at least one a season.

    The student section can have an impact on the team if they hear their classmates cheering them on. “If we hear fans cheering in the stands it’s very important and could possibly change the outcome of our game.” said Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Derrick Fooks. “If our fans are loud and shouting to boost the team, it can have a positive effect on our players. If we can hear crickets, there’s no motivation for the players to continue to work hard.” said Fooks.

    Having a bigger student section with more voices can impact any team. As long as they hear their classmates cheering them on, they can accomplish anything. “If the price to enter the games was smaller, there may be higher attendance from the students.” said Fooks.

    Regardless of the price, Warriors at Pocomoke High make it a priority to come out and support their classmates. With fingers crossed, the students hope to see a decrease in pricing in the future to attend the games.


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