Spirit Week

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Madison Ramos

     At Pocomoke High, Spirit Week starts next week and it is a topic that most can relate on. We interviewed two seniors at Pocomoke High School. Our reporter asked them eight regular questions and two special questions as a senior.

    The reporter first interviewed a female senior named Marcdalinda Lochard. Lochard looks most forward to Walk the Red Carpet day in spirit week “I look forward to that so much, because I feel like it's a day where everyone can show their glam in their own different ways”.

    If she could give ideas or add or change anything in spirit week Lochard would add more days of spirit week “It should be two weeks instead of one because it's so much fun”.  Also she said “I feel like it shouldn’t be a dress code if you participate in spirit week, because it kind of puts a creative block in your ideas and sometimes it blocks you from being different and unique from others”.

    Lochard will participating in all the days of spirit week, but her favorite day in spirit week is Throw down Thursday, “I’m very excited!”. Spirit Week means to her is being able to participate in different themed days and being a part of school spirit. Also spirit week makes Lochard feel happy, “It just gives me so much school spirit to be part of and to participate in spirit week”.

    Lochard will be attending and participating in the school’s lip sync show, she will be be performing Salt n Pepa’s song “Push It” which she will be also doing a dance to at the same time “Hopefully I can perform it during the Pep Rally if I win”. She also looks forward to the Pep Rally at the end of the spirit week, she has not decided if she want to participate in the games at the pep rally yet.

    Our  reporter asked Marcdalinda two special questions as her being a senior this year. As a senior, Marcdalinda feels about her last high school spirit week, pep rally, homecoming game,and homecoming is that she feels sad “I feel sad because it's my last time to enjoy these special events, and being able to participate in them since it's my last year in high school”.  Also as a senior she feels about her last days, weeks, months, and year in school is that she's going to miss it but she also ready for it to be over as well, “High school had some great moments, and I was able to find myself threw the years, but everything has to come to an end at some point and when the year is over it's time to wake and open the doors and say hello to the real world and it will be finally time to grow up and be a adult on our own”.

    Then Our reporter interviewed a female senior named Tatyana Waters. Waters looks mosts forward to the dress up days and the pep rally, “It give you a chance to be different”. Waters feels that she would not chance or add anything to the days of spirit week she likes the days and the themes that were chose.

    Waters will be participating in all of the days except Walk the Red Carpet Wednesday, “I will not be doing that day, because it's to extra and i’m not”. Her favorite day is Time Warp Tuesday. Spirit Week means to Tatyana is that it gives her a opportunity to dress different then just wearing jeans and a shirt, “Spirit Week makes me feel free and relaxed”.

     Waters will be attending the lip sync show, but she will not be participating in the lip sync. She looks forward to attending the pep rally at the end of the spirit week, “Yes I can’t wait for it, it's my last pep rally in high school”.

     Our reporter also asked Waters the same special questions as a senior this year. As a senior Waters feels about her last spirit week, pep rally, homecoming game, and homecoming is that it's bittersweet, “It's bittersweet, cause I really enjoyed being young and having fun and enjoying my high years. I can’t believe it's over”. Also as a senior, Waters feels about her lasts day, weeks, months, and year in high school is that it’s a win and a lost, “It’s bittersweet, cause i’ll miss it”. Also Waters says “I’m not ready to leave, because I don't feel like i’m mentally ready for college”.

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Edited By: Tatyana Waters