The Cafeteria Food, Is It Worth Paying For?

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Feb 28, 2018, 7:19 AM ]
  By: Jordan Croswell

   At the Pocomoke High School there are students who get free breakfast and lunch throughout the school year.  However, there are students who have to pay a maximum of $2.60 in order to get lunch.  Instead of paying for breakfast and lunch some students pack everyday.

   “I extremely do not like the whole wheat food they serve us because it’s gross," according to Pocomoke senior Devin Martin.

   After the new meal standards went into effect in 2012 many parents were concerned.  As stated by CNN, people were worried the changes would “result in fewer students eating school lunches.” About 20 percent of students eat breakfast, 40 percent have a snack, and 90 percent eat lunch at school.  The principal should involve the students ideas when it comes to choosing the lunch and breakfast menu.  School lunches should be free for all students.  As claimed by the Des Moines Register,  

   “The best option is to provide every student attending K-12 schools with a free lunch. All of us can share in covering the cost the way we share in paying for other aspects of education.”  

   The type of food that is served at Pocomoke High School have been the same throughout the years.  Eating breakfast bars, nachos, and chicken sandwiches gets old.  The administrators should listen to their students opinions on different topics more often.  Students who go here have good ideas on how to improve the school, including the lunch menu, for the better.  Others hope in the future that the cafeteria food served to the students will change.  

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