The Effect of Homework!

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:35 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Marcdalinda Lochard

    There are some advantages and some disadvantages of homework. As a high school student with more than one class a day, it can be very stressful when you get homework from all your classes. One of the benefit of homework is it helps students learn how to manage their time wisely. But it's taking away free time, not only were in school for ours but we have to go back home and spend half an hour to get our homework done.

    Most students hates homework, some feel like it unnecessary and too old to get homework done. “I feel like homework is very useful in a way but i don't like homework, “high school students should get homework to prepare them for college, it teaches us responsibility, and if PHS ban homework, it would be fine but kids would not lean, information will not stick” Michaela Redden said.

    Some students get to much homework. In high school, student attend more than one class a day, so imagine if every teacher assign homework that needs to be done the next day. “ when i can't get my homework done and there's noone around to help me, i get really frustrated and just give up”, said Redden/. Not only does it takes about half an hour to get each homework done, but it can be stressful, takes time from student social life but also can be very stressful. “ i usually get homework from all four of my classes, “i don't always get my homework done i'm to busy or i forgot to get it done, “ i usually text a friend or go to a teacher if i can't get done”.

    Yes homework can be stressful, but there is things you can do to make sure to get it done and get a good grade for it. “Set a reminder on your phone” said Michaela. Even though sometimes it's a waste of time for teachers to assign homework cause let's be honest not everyone well get it done. There will be a lot of student with different excused but some will make sure it's done even if it takes them all night. “ when i can't get my homework done, i would just let my teacher know straight up why i couldn't get it done, that's if i can't cheat to get it done”.  

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Edited by: Michaela Redden