The Stimulating Meaning of Art

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 By: Jordan Croswell

    Art can be described as many things. Displaying your feelings, imagination, desires, and thoughts.  But art is much more than that. Art is way of expression. When creating art your able to create anything you want. Anything that intrigues you or changes your way of thinking is beauty.True beauty lies within us and always will.

    When people think about art, they talk about their “artistic skills.” Works of art can spark a sense of curiosity, adoration, and cynicism. Whether you're viewing paintings, sculptures, photography, graffiti, or food, viewing art can leave you speechless or furious. Looking over an abstract painting may seem confusing because of the Image result for portrait of george dyer talkingway everything is placed.Defining art is based upon how you see the picture and how it makes you feel. It’s the communication of concepts that cannot be described with words alone.

    Edward Hopper, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, and Brett Whiteley are famous artist that passed away. Their work lives on till this day. Nighthawks, Garçon à la pipe, the Portrait of George Dyer Talking, and Remembering Lao Tse are paintings that each artist created. These artist inspired the new generation of artist everywhere. Each artist left something behind that will always be remembered and cherished by others.

    Edward Hopper was an american realistic painter and printmaker. He specialized in oil painting but made his mark as a watercolorists and etching. Painting people and the realization of the American life were two of Hopper’s  muses.

     "If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint,” said Hopper.

    There is no right way to view art. You view and take in everything differently than others. Art means to state an opinion or a feeling, whether it be inspired by the work of other people or an object invented that’s entirely new.



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