Today's Fashion

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:28 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Madison Ramos

    Today’s fashion world and viral trends have been through many changes and back to old things over the years. An interview was conducted with a high school senior named Marcdalinda Lochard, who currently attends Pocomoke High School. Lochard has a very interesting opinion on today’s fashion and trends. To Lochard, fashion is what teenagers are wearing, Lochard said.. “Like ripped jeans and shirts and off the shoulder dresses and shirt.”

    Today’s fashion tells Lochard that fashion today is coming from fashion back in early fashion time, Lochard said.. “Our fashion today is similar to fashion back in time.” Fashion means it’s a popular trend in clothing that everyone wants to have and buy. But Lochard accepts today’s fashion but she also doesn’t accept it.

    What Lochard doesn’t like about today’s fashion is that, “What we have today is that it makes younger teens dress in clothes that are too revealing and it makes some look older than what they are.” said, Lochard. Lochard’s favorite fashion trend in today’s fashion era is, Lochard says… “My favorite fashion style would be wearing high waisted pants with crop top.”


Edited By: Tatyana Waters