Top 10 Facts About Santa Claus

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By: Noel Houston


    Christmas is 5 days away, before it gets here, why not learn about the top 10 facts about Santa Claus that you may not have heard of.

1. Until the 16th century, Santa Claus and Father Christmas were not synonymous.

2. Santa Claus had his origins in tales of St Nicholas, popular among the Dutch who referred to him as “Sinterklaas”.

3. Father Christmas had his origins in medieval stories who gave presents at Christmas time.

4. The Dutch still celebrate St. Nicholas with their Christmas present-giving on December 6, which is St Nicholas’s feast day.

5. The earliest known use of the name Santa Claus in English was in 1773 in America.

6. The Charles W Howard Santa School, Michigan is the world’s oldest Santa school. It began in 1937.

7. In 2013, Nelson Mandela became the first person to be named Santa Claus of the Year by the prime minister of Greenland.

8. The earliest depictions of Santa Claus have him wearing a green cloak.

9. His modern image, with flying reindeer and entry down chimneys, began with Clement Clarke Moore’s poem A Visit From St Nicholas in 1823.

10. His red cloak only became established in 1931 through a Coca-Cola advertising campaign.

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