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posted Jan 11, 2019, 7:46 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

PHS Should Ban The Student Dress Code

By: Chyna McCoy

    For many years now, schools have always maintained a dress code. Most schools,such as Pocomoke High School, considers clothing such as tank-tops and short shorts, a violation of the dress code. According to the National Center for Education statistics, about 57% of public schools, nationwide, enforce a strict dress code.

    The dress code is supposed to provide guidance to students as to having on appropriate clothing, mainly to avoid any distractions/disruptions in the learning environment  Not only is the dress code supposed to provide guidance, it’s supposed to teach students about the importance of obtaining and keeping job through the attire that you choose to wear. In other words, the dress code wants you to look as professional as possible.

    However, for the person who violates dress the code, things can get pretty frustrating. Not only does the student get frustrated, parents get frustrated as well. Many parents do not agree on the dress code as they see it as unnecessary. Lots of parents also work as well, so when they get a call from their child at school, asking them to bring them a new set of clothes, the parent gets upset because they are unable to do so.  For the student, if their parent can’t bring them a change of clothes, they are placed into ISS or In School Suspension. Sometimes, situations like this can even lead to the student receiving OSS or Out of School Suspension.

    There are many reasons that the dress code should be banned. Dress codes take away creativity from the student. Typically, teenagers dress in ways that express who they are and what they like. In 1965 a 13-year old girl was sent home for protesting the Vietnam War. The judge found that the armband was not a disruption to the learning process and therefore allowed any student. Restricting the opportunity for teenagers to express themselves can bestow more stress onto the student. The freedom of religion is also taken away, as the use of any type of head scarf such as turbans and yarmulkes are considered a distraction and is therefore against dress code. Most of the clothes that are in a student dress code, are clothes that are mostly worn by females. Therefore the student dress code seems to primarily target females.According to Julie-Anna Humphreys, “It’s unfair because girls have specific regulations on what they need to wear, while boys in the gym can run around shirtless”

    In conclusion, the student dress code should be banned due to its substantial amount of flaws. If there is going to be an enforced dress code, the aspects of said dress code, should allow you to express creativity and religion, all while reducing stress on both students and parents.

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Edited by: Julie-Anna Humphreys