Winter Spirit

posted Dec 19, 2017, 7:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    Everyone at Pocomoke High school enjoys a free week of school spirit. Majority of the students and teachers participate in the spirit week in the fall during Homecoming week. Administration has been so kind by adding another spirit week in the winter.

    Spirit week is one week where everyone can dress up as something different. In the past, the winter spirit weeks have consisted of Christmas themed days. This year, the days are as follows: “T’was the Night Before Christmas (Pajama Day), Tacky Sweater (Wear your ugliest sweater), Christmas Character Day (Dress as your favorite Christmas character), and Winter Wonderland (Wear white and blue).

    The students enjoy participating in the festivities during spirit week. “Students get excited to dress up. School spirit week gives the students something to look forward to,” said Junior, Brooke Beauchamp. Being able to dress freely could also become a distraction in the classroom, according to some teachers. “It’s not a distraction because students still get their work done while being dressed up and having fun.” said Beauchamp.

    Having more than one spirit week gives the students and staff members something to look forward to. “It brings something fun to school for a week.” said Sophomore, Ashanti Ginn. Some students feel that if there were different days every year, it would change up the spirit. “It would honestly be better if we could do different days and I think more students would get involved.” said Ginn.

    Winter spirit week and homecoming spirit week have a lot in common. Although the days are different, it gives the students and staff members of Pocomoke high a week to relax and enjoy themselves. They can dress up and get as tacky as they please. Here at Pocomoke, it’s about being able to be who you are when you walk through the doors.


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