Your 60? What’s that?

posted Oct 23, 2017, 6:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Oct 26, 2017, 7:11 AM ]

By: Dylan Peterson

    With the New Year starting here at Pocomoke High School, the Administers and teachers came up with an idea called “Your 60”.

    During Your 60, the entire school takes a “break.”  Within the hour, students are to eat lunch and participate in many programs such as getting help from teachers, playing basketball in the gym, or just an area to chill out on use their phones.

    Teachers, students, and administrators can come together in order to create a system that makes this time fun for all students.  This system can have privileges, consequences, and also rewards.

    “Your 60 is beneficial because sometimes when I don’t have time to do my work at home like after a late soccer game, I can come into school the next day and work on it during Your 60” said Noah Brittingham

    Some student’s extracurricular activities are limited because they can’t be on two different teams or participate in two different clubs that are on the same day.  By opening up an hour during school, students can hold club meetings and not interfere with after school schedules.

    “During Your 60 I have been given the opportunity to learn more things, such as learning to play the drums, since I work after school Your 60 is the only time I have to learn and do new things.” said Tatyana Waters

    With Your 60 just getting started up many kids are enjoying the time away from classes and would like for it to continue for the rest of their high school years.  

    “I hope Your 60 continues because it gives us more time to enjoy our lunch, helps us get our minds off the hard classes we don’t always like going to, and lets a relax for an hour.” Ethan Peterson said

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